Hoi, Hoe gaat het met je ??
Ops... Sorry guys, I am afraid, that is not the site that you are looking for :(

Well, I was misguided too. Unfortunately, the link was broken (kapot) and domain name was free. So, I spent some rubles and now you are reading this text.
Why did I do it? (Waarom?)
It is quite easy (eenvoudig), personally, I need (heb nodig) Dutch language (taal) speaking practice (het oefening) as I am going to Amsterdam in November 2019.
So, if you came to Moscow and have free time (vrijetijd) to speak Dutch and drink - fill free to write me and meet.
Every Friday I drink few beers (de biertjes drinken) in various Moscow pubs. Your words (woorden) - my beer (natuurlijk, some conditions applied :) My email
PS: and finally, a link to real Dutch society in Moscow. Nederlandse Club Moskou (19/05/19)

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